Super Charge your Business in 15 Ways

We decided it would be fun to interview 10 of the smartest marekting gurus we know, including 7 multi-millionaires, about the best ways to increase customer and cash flow for just about any business.

What we got were a variety of fresh, innovative ideas — and once you read them, you will know that they came from a group of folksd who have already made it big in businesses of their own.
The following are the “15 Best” ideas for super charging your business, no matter what kind of business you are in.

Super Charge your Business in 15 Ways

Supercharge your Business

1. “Same-Old” is out — Getting attention with something new is in. To get new business, you must strive to be innovative and dramatic. For example, an insurance agency, offered “the biggest steak dinner in town” if it couldn’t save any person money on their car insurance. This challenge was enough to make the telephone start ringing off the hook for days at a time. The customer flow was “absolutely crazy” for days. The bottom line: dozens of new insurance buyers and tons of new cash flow — and all they had to do was fork out the cost for a half dozen steak dinners!

2. Tight target marketing. The big job in marketing and sales is getting to the right people inside another company. Addressing mail to “Facilities Manager” or printing a “routing slip” on the outside ofthe envelope is ineffective. Hitting the target is the challenge.Scoring a bull’s eye means making contact with the right individuals and is the only way to make the sale. Taking time to be highly targeted in business communication is essential.

3. Be more creative. Pushing direct-mail pieces out the door or sending the newsletter to the mail room isn’t doing the job. Ask yourself: “Will anyone be intrigued enough to read the mailer–before tossing it in the wastebasket?” Ask the same question about the company newsletter. A highly creative approach is necessary to be different and distinctive. Creativity costs money. But, if more peopleread the ad, take time with the newsletter or decide that the offer in a mailer makes sense, you have accomplished the goal.

4. Focus on what customers care about. After listening to the admissions director talk about what should be shown in the school’snew recruiting video, the marketing consultant asked, “Is this whatparents and prospective students are interested in knowing?”Suddenly, everyone became less confident. Someone suggested askingthe student tour guides what questions the visiting parents and kidsasked? Whether creating an ad, a brochure, or a sales presentation,knowing what the customer wants, needs and expects is what works.

5. Tell customers how to think about your company. We come toconclusions by making comparisons. If you don’t let customers and prospects know why it is in their best interests to do business withyou or buy your product, they won’t. The rating of life insurance companies makes an impact on customers. The J.D. Powers’ customer-satisfaction survey on cars and personal computer manufacturers influences buying behavior. Wise companies spend time and effort consciously influencing the way they are perceived by customers,prospects, bankers and stockholders.

6. Make your offers outstanding. Customers are cautious. They don’t like being put on the spot; they don’t want to make a mistake. This is why offers are essential. “Try it for 30 days…free.” “We won’t deposit your credit card slip for a month.” “Your satisfaction is guaranteed.” “Take the car for the weekend and drive it all you want.” The goal is to overcome the customer’s reluctance.

7. Be in the right place at the right time. “Why didn’t I think of you last week when we bought the new…” Some salespeople simply shrug off such comments. “Oh, well. I can’t be in the right place every time.” Wrong. Being in front of the customer is today’s assignment. Developing a consistent program for staying in front of customers regularly is the challenge. A mix of seminars, newsletters, bulletins, fact sheets, special events and informative articles will keep you in the customers’ minds.

8. Name your product or service. One of the best ways to differentiate your products or services from all the rest is to give them distinctive names. A building contractor with expertise in remodeling during off-hours calls himself the “stealth” remodeler. A fuel oil dealer doesn’t talk about service–he emphasizes “ComfortCare Service.” The idea is to imbue ordinary ideas with new meaning thereby separating your com-pany from your competitors. Make sure, however, that the name appeals to your customers and not just to you.

9. Be relentless. Persistence is power in marketing and sales. Far too many firms fail in their efforts because they don’t follow through long enough to produce proper results. Marketing momentum comes from a con-sistent effort. Once you start a newsletter, issue it on schedule. It takes time for customers to comprehend what you are doing and for prospects to get acquainted–and comfortable–with a business.

10. Get rid of the self-serving nonsense. Most company publications, ads, letters, brochures, and other sales materials are filled with words, photographs and information that do nothing more than toot the company’s horn. No one cares that the business says it is the “best,” “oldest” or the “biggest.” Pictures of the staff are only interesting to the staff. A better approach is to ask prospects what they want to know about your company. We doubt anyone will be anxious to see pictures of the CEO, chairman of the board or the executive vice president.

11. Tell them everything you know. Spill the beans, so to speak.Since today’s customers want information, knowledge and helpful ideas, do everything you can to share everything you know. This is the only way to become a valued resource to your customers. When people use your ideas, they will buy what you sell.

12. Be generous. No one wants to do business with firms operatingon a one-way street. Buy a new car and the dealer hands you a 20-cent plastic key holder! It sends a message that this dealer doesn’t under-stand his customers. You may forget the car, but you will never forget the lousy key ring! Another auto dealer delivers the new car to your office. What a difference. This dealer sends a powerful message–our customers are important.
13. Make prospect identification your mission. The single mostimportant daily activity in any business is prospect identification.By making prospecting a continuing process, companies produce asteady flow of new sales leads. They never stop asking, “Who do wewant to do business with if we have the chance?” Then make sure all prospects are entered into a database so they can be cultivated over a period of time.

14. Scrutinize your corporate identity. Yes, how a company presents itself makes a difference. Is the logo appropriate? Is it dated? Does it communicate the right message and the correct image? Is the president the only one who understands it? What about the company colors? Are they reminiscent of the late ’50s? Do the letterhead, mailing labels and business cards convey a strong, positive message? Or, are they dull and ordinary looking? If you don’t think this is important, your competitors will be thrilled. Corporate identity is the face you put on your company.

15. Write customer-centered letters. Most business letters have cold, impersonal words. “As per our conversation…” “Pursuant to our agree-ment…” When was the last time you heard anyone talk this way at lunch (other than perhaps a lawyer)? Yet, give the same executives a pen and they become stilted. There is no reason why business letters should not be warm, friendly, conversational, interesting–and customer-centered. Write as if you were the one reading it. Should a letter end at the bottom of the first page? Yes, if that’s what it takes to tell the story? But it may take two, four or six pages. A letter should be as long as necessary and always interesting to the reader.

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing is a must for any business which helps to gain consistency in its online audience.

So you have decided to start sending emails to your cusomters. Well get ready to start earning some profit that you never even thought was possible. You are already doing it but you want advice? Well keep quiet because you already know. Here are some of the vital things to get right in your emails. Without them you are likely to lose money and also get a bad reputation from the ISPS.

Direct Mail Marketing

1. Call to Action – Remember that most likely you are sending this email because you want your client to do something, you are not just emailing them to be friendly and asking them for a coffee. Make sure your link for the call to action (buy something for example) is at the top in a clear and prominent position. It must be in “the fold” and without it you will be in trouble. Remember too that devices people read their emails on is forever changing. You now have to plan for mobile, tablets and much more. If you are lazy, then direct mail marketing is not meant for you.

2. Unsubscribe links – Don’t forget it. In some countries not having one if even illegal and you could get in a lot of trouble without it. Furthermore there is one word to take note of and that is reputation. If ISPS such as Gmail start getting complains of people reporting you for spam then they won’t deliver your email to the inbox.

3. Personalisation – If you know your client’s first and last name then use it. If you have even more information then use it. Use it both in the subject and the message content. Trust me people it works. It will entice your client to click (what sounds better dear or Dear James?) and it will look better and pass through the spam filters. As the old saying goes if you have it, use it.

4. Images vs Text – For some reasons the ISPs don’t like an email full of text or one full of images. I don’t know why so please don’t ask me. All I know is that the recommend settings are 50% text/ 50% images. Use wisely ok. I have my reasons why they do this but don’t want to go into it. All I know is that Yahoo mail is very picky on this.

5. Analytics – Remember to use analytics as an integration in your emails. It is pretty hard to explain how to set that up so please search on google. However here you can see what works and importantly where your traffic goes afterwards which is very useful. It should be a half hour job to setup and once done you have a complete analytical overview of your clients.

6. List management – Think again of reputation. Just because you have a list of 10,000 people doesn’t mean you should send to them all. It should be quite the opposite. If 9,000 are simply going to ignore it or report it then your best bet is to not even email them at all! Why? Well your reputation will be harmed for the remaining 1000 and you could be blocked. Obviously you have to now your lists and who is interested, half interested and not interested. You must plan accordingly.

Please of course feel free to share this topic ! I hope this explains most of the email marketing or direct mail marketing tips.

Buying and Selling a Business

At some part of our business journey, we come across a very managerial decision where we need to sell our business or we need to buy our competitor’s business. You might find the procedure of buying and selling business as extremely frustrating. During the process, various things will run through your mind such as what kind of business to buy who to buy it from, who to sell it to, what should be the correct price etc. But if you follow these tips, you will find this hectic process very easy to deal with.

Buying and Selling a Business

Buying and Selling a Business

Tips on buying a business:
1. You must not buy a business that you do not understand the basics of. You do not have to understand every nook and cranny of the business; just the basic idea will do.

2. If you think the asked price is not affordable or not worth it, do not be afraid to look for other options. Keep in mind that you are probably spending you entire life’s savings on it. If you think it is not going to be worth the money than trust your instinct.

3. Make sure you inspect the tax records and have the office building inspected before you buy it. Because when you buy the business, you buy the potential lawsuits, liabilities and debts with it as well. Do not fall into any kind of traps.

4. If you are buying a business that serves the people directly then keep in mind that the customers are your biggest assets in the business. You can never be sure that they will not turn away when they see the ownership being changed. So keep yourself prepared for a big challenge in order to keep your assets.

5. Double check the draft agreement; keep in mind that it will become a legal agreement the moment you sign on it. So have your lawyer check every alphabet in the draft to make sure there are no clauses that goes against you.

Tips of Selling a Business

1. Keep your financial reports and tax reports updated. There might be absolutely no problems with your business but potential buyers would back out if they see anything close to a glitch.

2. Make an accurate list of equipments, machineries, inventory and all other assets. Also have a detailed cash flow, notes payable and accounts receivable list. Your buyers buy everything in your business so they would like to be well informed.

3. When selling your business, try to put yourself in a buyers shoe and look at your business with a new perspective. Eliminate everything that comes across you as a problem. Check the strong sides of your business and emphasize them when talking to a potential buyer.

4. You have to accept the fact that the buyer will want to retain the most experienced staff members of the company. If you try to take them away with you, no buyer will be interested to buy the business.

5. No matter what the field is, the competition is fierce. So put a realistic price tag on your business. Most standard price to put on your company is the highest revenue you have made in a year.

If you implement these tips properly, you will surely do well in buying a business or selling it.

Become a Leader in your Business

Becoming a leader is what it takes to reach the apex of kingdom. Many people use their success as a comfort zone to keep them from the work that moves them forward to becoming a leader. There are some people who possess the mobility of having the proper work ethic to becoming great leaders; even the motivation of getting ahead in the business. And there are those who don’t carry those types of attributes, however, there are ways to accumulate those skills; you just have to apply them by creating them. Once you’ve mastered the gift of achieving those skills to success, you will experience the freedom of being successful where you are comfortable financially. As you read on you will learn some easy tips on learning how to lead your business or becoming better at it.

Become a Leader in your Business

Business Leadership

First in order to be a leader you have to know the meaning of becoming a good leader. Having the mind set of a leader does not mean ordering people around or dictating what they do. It is not about the fortune and fame or being richly admired. A leader responds to the challenge of taking charge, leading a group of people as a team; and helping them to the road of success. When you achieve the leadership position you are then able to embrace you accomplishment.

When you become a leader you have to think like a leader at all times. If your goal is to become a leader you have to take on the roll of a leader and not just act like a leader. Your actions must add up to your character of leadership. Even if you are doing volunteer work, make it an interesting project; and practice on your position of being a leader. When you have done this, you will begin to see how you handle leadership, and your performance will discover the particular leader that you are.

It take a strong work ethic to become a leader, so I encourage you to continue to work hard to and prove who you are. With many things come different levels, and unless you make the first step you will never get to the top. Forget about the negative thoughts and focus on the positive. Because if you are surrounded by a lot of negative energy, it will drag you down and the result is you wont succeed that way. Fear and doubt can hinder you from going forward if you allow it to take control of your dreams, only you can be your worst enemy, you have to keep moving forward by perseverance.

Remember, fear is an obstacle you can over come, you have nothing to fear when it comes to growing as a leader. Believing in yourself and your ability to becoming a great leader is a great mind set to have. Remain positive at all times because that is the key to the door of your success. Surround yourself with a lot positive people and do positive things that will keep you going forward. So let’s recap, leadership is birth through a strong work ethic, a positive attitude, perseverance; and if you put your mind to it you can do it!

Start Your Maintenance Services Business in a Week

The population of America is fast growing and the emergence if two-income families attract more room for convenience. Cleaning services California and maintenance services in California have been sprawling in the industry since a lot of companies and household need convenience from the burden of these jobs. These include plumbing, laundry, cleaning services, landscaping, general repairs, and many others.

Start Your Maintenance Services Business in a Week

Start Your Maintenance Services Business

Every business and property requires full attention to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. However, with the day-to-day tasks, you don’t have much time to deal with cleaning and building maintenance California. If you want to secure your business is handled with utmost concern, ca building maintenance and building repair California should be put into consideration.

Since buildings and businesses are your important investments, property maintenance services are specializing in providing a solution to a long term maintenance of their client’s buildings and facilities.

Otherwise, if you want to venture on this kind of business while there are few knowledge at hand, you’d better fill in your curiosities and dwell towards the path of this business. Take note, every business does not work on money alone, efficient organization and management and add up by sufficient monitoring will make your business a cut above the rest. It’s very rewarding to make your business grow from time to time and see this business flourishing to a lucrative business of your own.

Having mentioned the importance of property maintenance services, what will be your starting point when planning to start up this kind of service? So far, read and finish this article and it will help you through to succeed in the business of your choice. First, assess your skills and attitude. Technical skills are important in this kind of work. Why? Remember, each client needs an expert advice of how to maintain their buildings and properties. They turn to you because they know you can help them. Every inquiry from your client is important to you since you have to meet form above of their expectations.

If you think you don’t have what it takes when it comes to “technical skills,” don’t worry because you can enroll for some relevant courses like management, plumbing, cleaning, etc. Bear in mind, that its best to have experienced the services you cater, so you can have a full control of it and you can have a very positive attitude towards it. This business is very competitive in the market, so make most of your passion in raising your business’ reputation.

Second, create a marketing plan as your guide instarting the business. The content of a good marketing plan should embrace the following: location, list of competitors, capital, population of the area, pricing strategies, advertising, and means to attract potential customers.

Lastly, you should be also aware of the keys to a successful management. This include the identifying of the competitive market. Doing so, you should be aggressive in beating your competitors by providing the best service for your clients.

An efficient organization should suit well on the area of the size of your business, the target market, and the size of your staff or crew, customer relations, employee relations and financing . All of them are intertwined with each other, so giving a keen detail to each of them will make your business a great one.